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Sub-circuits: Displays

A Sub-circuit is a stand alone circuit function consisting of a software module and schematic.

Display 6-dig 7-seg (com anode)

Six digit 7-segment multiplexed decoded common anode display.

Software functions

MUXD_PUTC(c)     : Print character to display.
Printable characters are: 0123456789.-Er<space><CR>
Cursor is auto incremented to the next digit except in
the case of decimal point.
CR (0x0D) cariage return moves cursor to home position.
None-printable characters are shown as 3 horizontal bars
(segments a,g,d).
Example - the following will print "12.3456"
printf(MUXD_PUTC, "12.3456");

MUXD_CURHOME() : Move cursor to home position
MUXD_DO() : Refresh display. Call every 10mS (max)
MUXD_CLEAR() : Clear display



Similar sub-circuits:
Display 2-dig 7-seg (com anode)
Display 4-dig 7-seg (com anode)



I2C 4-Digit mux display

I2C 4-Digit mux display derived from project I2CMUXD.QPR

Software functions

I2CMUXD_PUTC(c) : write character to display
ie ascii 0123456789.-Er<space><CR>

I2CMUXD_GETC() : read character last writen
I2CMUXD_CLEAR() : clear display
I2CMUXD_CURHOME() : home cursor




LCD dot matrix display 44780

Driver for one or 2-line dot matrix LCDs based on the Hitachi HD44780 controller and compatibles such as the Samsung (KS0070) using 4-bit interface.

Software functions

LCD_PUTC(c)    : write character c to display
LCD_CLEAR() : clear display
LCD_INIT() : initialise display
LCD_CURHOME() : cursor home
LCD_CURLEFT() : cursor left
LCD_CURRIGHT() : cursor right
LCD_CURMOVE(n) : cursor move to position n. Line 1 begins
at 0x00, line 2 begins at 0x40.

Low level functions:
Consult Hitachi HD44780 data sheet for use
LCD_DWR(data) : Write date to controller
LCD_IWR(inst) : Write instruction to controller




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